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Blogging Life: 8 Benefits of Becoming a Blogger

Blogging is a way of life for many people. Not a financial means or a way to get noticed, but something that has meaning and that gives them joy. Being a blogger has many benefits for both you and the people who read your blog. It can be life-changing, enlightening, and entertaining. It can be awesome. So, why am I so philosophical about blogging? This is why.

Blogging will make you a better writer – Like with most things, writing improves with practice. The more you write, the better you will write. You will also learn to write in different styles and how to best say what you want your audience to hear. Being a great writer will make your blog better, so the two parts of the whole actually build each other.

Blogging can be like therapy – When you write about your life and your experiences, it is like therapy. You get to explore your thoughts and feelings and learn more about yourself. You can vent some of your anger and opinions that are important to you. All this makes blogging therapeutic because you are dealing with thoughts and emotions that may otherwise have been bottled up. The best thing of all is that you will often find that your readers appreciate your honesty and openness and that many of them probably identify with your stories.

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Blogging can open the world for you – When you start writing blog posts and making them public for the world to see, you will meet people from all around the world. You will have readers that follow you from Asia, Australia, England, Madagascar, South Africa, etc. All of these different people have different ideas, experiences, backgrounds, cultures, and more and you will learn a lot from them. By following other bloggers you will also get to hear and see what people from other parts of the world think and feel about certain things.

Blogging will make you see life differently – Because you will be meeting and hearing from all these different people, you will start seeing life differently. When writing, you will find new ways of looking at a topic and you will learn approach things differently. Readers will comment on your posts and often have opinions and comments that will blow you away. Blogging will definitely make you see the world differently.

Blogging will make you think about things – When you do research for an article or have to dig deep into your own thoughts, emotions, and past experiences, you will find that it makes you think. You think about the meaning of life, why wars happen, why a certain reader has to go through a tough time, etc. It won’t just make you think of the deep stuff but also about whatever it is that you need to think about.

Blogging will help you inspire other people – This is one of my favorite benefits of blogging. When you write about meaningful things and experiences, you get the opportunity to inspire people. Whether you inspire them to start painting or to make a life-changing decision or to not give up, you will have an impact. It is inevitable that you will touch people and make them think and inspire them. It is for this reason that you should choose your words carefully. You will at some point make someone angry or offend someone, but when you write, keep in mind that people will be reading and taking your words to heart.

Blogging will boost your confidence – When people start responding to your posts and see that they are being shared and commented on, it boosts your confidence. It makes you feel more confident about your blogging, your writing, and just yourself. It makes you feel like you truly have an impact that people are appreciating what you have to say.

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Blogging can give you purpose – Sometimes we feel like we don’t know why we get up in the mornings. This is normal. It has happened to me several times. However, blogging can definitely help with getting rid of that doubt. When you run a blog that can inspire people or give them practical tips or save them time, you have a purpose. You have a responsibility to your readers to keep going and keep helping them to keep going. Blogging gives you a reason to get up in the morning and make your mark in the world.

As you can see, blogging is way more than just stringing together a few words and sentences. It can be a life-changing experience. Your blog or posts don’t have to go viral to be successful. You can have success by simply having people appreciate what you have to offer.

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