Top WordPress Ad Plugins for Your Blog

If you do it right, blogging can be a source of income. One of the ways in which bloggers generate income is through selling advertisement spots on their blogs. With a WordPress-based blog, this can be difficult because it doesn’t really lend itself to advertising. To help you with this issue, there are different ad management plugins. You install these plugins and your options for advertisement spots and the management of the ads on your blog becomes easier.

Adsanity This plugin is a good option and is also easy for beginner bloggers to use. The plugin offers a variety of features and enables you to add an advertisement anywhere on the blog site. It also offers scheduling options, stats, and options for group ads. There is no limit to the number of ads you can create and add to your blog by using Adsanity.

Ad Inserter This plugin is also a good option if you’re a beginner and looking for a simple and easy to use tool. Ad Inserter allows you to insert ad blocks on your blog and gives you options on how you want to fill those blocks. You can use the free tool to manage the basics of your ad spots and stats. If you want more advanced options and more intricate management you will have to pay for those features

OIO PublisherThis is a great plugin option if you want to sell advertisements directly to your clients. OIO Publisher handles the reporting, payments and tracking involved with your advertisements. It is easy to use and very straightforward. This plugin takes out all the messy parts of selling ads and just makes it simple.

DoubleClick by Google When it comes to reliability and cost, this is the best plugin option for your advertisement management needs. It is a web-based platform for selling advertisements. This tool runs competitions for ad spots and automatically chooses the best-paying ad for that spot. It is a very handy tool and if you want to have success with selling advertisements on your blog, you should definitely consider DoubleClick.

You will find a few more WordPress-based ad management tools online. To choose the one that will suit your needs best, ask other bloggers what they use and ho wit works for them. You can also look at other blogs and see how their ads look and work.

Once you have started your blog and done the hosting and domain name parts, you should have a look at the ad management tools.

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