8 Different Types of Blog Posts to Engage Your Audience

When it comes to blog articles there are many different ways you can go. It can be tough deciding where you want to go with a post and the different options may just help you clarify your purpose and effectively your approach. Like I said, there are tons of options and I will look at a handful today.

How-To Posts

How-To posts are very popular and relatively easy to write. You choose a topic in which you have some tips to share and go for it, for example, how to prepare meals for the whole week or how to improve your poker game. The problem with these posts is that there probably is one of what you want to write out there. Before you write your article, Google your title or keywords and see what pops up. This could help you adapt your post to make it more unique.

Problem and Solution Posts

With a problem and solution post, you state a problem that you find people struggle with and you offer solutions. It can be anything that you have tried yourself, lived yourself, or did thorough research on.

Series Posts

These are great if you want your readers to keep coming back. If you can find a topic that you can split into several posts, make a series post. It can be a story or tips that are too much to put in one article, etc. If you can make it so that readers have to come back next week to find out more, you will have gold.

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FAQ Posts

This is a post where you state questions about a topic that people often ask. You then continue to answer these questions. Depending on the nature of the topic, you should only offer answers that are true. If it is more philosophical or soft questions that don’t necessarily have factual answers, you can get creative.

Inspirational Posts

These are exactly what the name says – inspirational. People like being inspired and many really need to be inspired. You can share things that have happened to you or a loved one and how you got through it. When your readers can see that you are human and can identify with your pain or happiness they will come back.

Rant Posts

If you are seriously upset about something and need to rant and vent then you can write a rant post. You should be careful with these as you may say something you shouldn’t in your anger and chase away your readers. Rant but be careful about it. It works well when it is about something that you know your readers will also be angry about.

Interview Post

Interview posts are nice for when you speak to a celebrity or someone knowledgeable. Your readers will like learning more about these people and what makes them tick.

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Review Posts

If you want to offer readers some valuable opinions and advice on what they should buy or watch o read, then write a review post. Ideally, it should be reviews that you have done yourself and not just ripped off from someone else’s page.

These are some of the types of article that you can make use of for your blog. Mix it up to keep your readers interested and remember to always be original and authentic.


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