5 Tips for Planning Your Blog Articles Successfully

Planning is the key to writing well. It is the best way to keep your blog running and to keep posting regularly. You can write and publish your post from anywhere, so even if you’re sick or on holiday, you can still publish. Let’s look at some tips for planning and creating yourblog content.

Write your ideas in a journal or notebook.You probably have a million ideas in your head that you would like to write about. The best way to organize those ideas and make them into great content is to write them down and keep them nearby. You will use them when you plan your posts.

Brainstorm title ideas. The title of a post is often the place where we get completely stuck. The title has to be catchy, descriptive, engaging, and the right length. One way that works well is to brainstorm titles. In other words, set a timer for one minute or three minutes and write down every title you can think of related to your post content. Between the bad and the terrible ones you are sure to find the great one.

w2 - 5 Tips for Planning Your Blog Articles Successfully

Use pictures to stimulate ideas. If you like using visuals in your posts, start with them if you are having trouble with content ideas. Look for pictures that inspire you or that ca guide your brain into a direction of good content ideas. Search online for pictures related to your niche and see what pops up in your head.

Set up a post schedule. It is very important to have a schedule for your posts. You should plan ahead for at least a month but more is better. Set up your schedule with the publish dates, article titles or at least their niches or basic ideas, and how you will promote it. This schedule will keep you on track and posting regularly to keep your blog alive.

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Write a draft first. Don’t just write and publish. Write a first draft and leave it for a day. Read again the next day and make any changes that you feel may make it better. Check your spelling and grammar and then you’re ready to publish.

Every person will have a different process regarding how they decide what they want to write and how they write. Adjust these tips to work with your process. Read our article on how to be a successful blogger and the different types of blog articles you can write. These articles will also help with your planning and writing process.

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