a2 - Advertise

Advertise with us and get your blog or business on the map. Blogspot Yard offers different advertising spots and opportunities to choose from. Our approach to online advertising is a bit different. We like to mix things up and keep it interesting.

Who Can Advertise?

If you own a blog or business you can advertise. We have opportunities for bloggers to place links to their blogs on our site. We also offer traditional online advertising spots that rotate. So, if you have a blog or a business that is loosely related to blogging, writing, advertising, online marketing, etc. then this opportunity is for you.

What is Available?

The availability of spots changes. AT any given time, we have at least 4 different businesses rotating in a single spot. The rotations happen every two hours so everyone gets exposure. When a rotation spot opens we can take in a new advertiser. You need to contact us about the type of spot and the availability.

We offer a specific space for fellow bloggers to share their blog links and a description of what they’re about. There is a limited number available and we only take a few every month. If you are interested in this opportunity, you need to send us an email to find out if there is a spot available.

We like offering as many people as possible the opportunity to take their business or blog to the next step. Unfortunately, technology and space are still limited, but we do keep all requests and get in contact when spots open up.