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6 Web Browser Alternative that you Must Know

When asked to name a few web browsers Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Windows Internet Explorer are the browsers that come to the minds of the users. Internet users rely much on the web browsers to access numerous sites. However, in reality, apart from the five mentioned browsers, there are many web browsers that are quite good for surfing the net. The innovation in this stream has stagnated to be honest. While all the 5 browsers are customizable, Firefox and Chrome let the users add or remove extensions, and developers can play with them. Add-ons and extensions are not everyone’s cup of tea. A few users might need more than these, and a few might not know what to do with them.

An insight on a few alternative browsers can help you to know about the other choices available.

1. WhiteHat Aviator

This is the browser for those who are more concerned about privacy. Privacy of all sorts is taken care of by this browser. Most of the times, the threat is that the private companies collect data of the user. This can be any data from your email ID to your credit card details. The major pro of using WhiteHat Aviator is that this web browser blocks all the loopholes of the malicious sites. This way your computer is not infected, and your data is secure. Your computer does not get any ads, and media autoplay is also cut off. Without the permission of the user, no app can be launched. The browser opens in incognito mode by default, and this means when you close the window, the traces are off. The browser makes use of DuckDuckGo, a search engine that again is great if you are concerned about linking the search activity.

2. Coowon

This is a browser for the gamers. Games of all sorts, from Ballistic to Farmville 2 can be enjoyed with this browser. The browser also has features that make it game friendly, like the sidebar that can record the mouse clicks. Toggling between the gamepad keys and the keyboard is made easy with the built in the screen shot. Additionally you can pose to be very seriously into work while you are engrossed in the game. Installing the browser offline is much better compared that of the online installation.

3. Vivaldi

Vivaldi is a Chromium-based browser and is in the second stage of the technical preview. This targets the hardcore browsers, and currently it is a simple and easy to use the browser. However, the browser is taking lots of indications from Opera. In fact, the browser is currently lead by former CEO of Opera. The browser’s built-in mail client is not yet developed completely, but there are a few advantages that are impressive. One of them is that the users can access the favorite sites with the speed dial feature in a very short time, and there is also a note taking an app that is inbuilt.

4. Dooble Browser

Dooble is the open source browser that can function well on multiple platforms. This was launched in September in the year of 2009. The aim of the browser is to offer privacy and usability is a more refined and improved form. Dooble is available for OSX, Windows, and FreeBSD, and the major proof for choosing this browser is that the third-party plugins are supported. Also, there is a built-in download manager and is easy to use

5. Epic Browser

This browser is powered by Mozilla and makes use of multiple sources to offer live Cricket news, films, and songs. The best thing about this browser is that you can safely browse the internet, without letting know anyone what you surf! This cannot be tracked online.

6. SeaMonkey

This is one of the browsers that are around for a decade, and still not much known. This is the best browser for those who surf online hardcore, and this is one stop solution for all browsing needs. This is an integrated package of the email client, browser, RSS, newsgroup, HTML editor, and IRC client. If you are looking for downloading torrents, you can get it as an add-on.

All the above browsers have a host of features that make them unique. As some of them are truly meant for the gamers and some are apt for socialization. Without discarding the major browsers, you can choose these browsers as per your need and make internet surfing easier.
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Web Browser Alternative
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