How to Change Blogger Blog’s Title & Description

blogger description settingsThis is a simple and short post only for newbies, who are really new on blogger. So you have chosen a blog title during a new blog creation and now want to change that? But you probably don’t know how to do the job. Don’t worry I’ll show you here.

how to change blog title

Why change?

When you first time create a blog its natural that you are not conscious about what are you gonna share and what would be a SEO friendly blog title for your content niche.

But after spending few days on it you earned a little knowledge about all that. And finally you decide to change your blog title.
Blog description is another important thing. This describe your blog to users in short. So today I’ll show you “how to change a blogspot/blogger blog title & description”.

How to change blog title & description:

This is a easy task and you will be done within 2 minutes. Follow the steps below.

Step 1:

Login to your blogger account. Click on Settings > Basic from blogger menu. Now here you’ll find your blog’s title, description, privacy and so many options.

blogger description settings

Step 2:

See the above screenshot for better understanding. After go on Settings > Basic

To change title click on Edit just right side of your current title.

To change description click on Edit just right of your current description and enter your new text in the box.

Step 3:

After changing your exacting title or description hit the Save Changes button and you are done.

blogger title chage save

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How to Change Blogger Blog’s Title & Description
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