Google made it Easier to Add Analytics in Blogger

Hello friends! After a long time I’m again writing a new post here. Actually I was busy in completing my graduation. Today in this post I’ll show you, how to add Google Analytics on Blogger.

how to add google analytis to blogger

We all know that blogger is a free weblog tools by Google. And Google really have a satisfied way to connect blogger blog with Google Analytics.

A Few Things:

I assume that when you are landing on this page you are a blogger/blogspot user. And I hope you have fair knowledge about it. So I’m not goanna make this post any longer by describing it here. But if you want to read more about blogger click here.

Now what is Google Analytics? Yeah I’m goanna give you a fair knowledge about Google analytics in short. If you already do know about Google Analytics you can skip this point and proceed in the next steps.
We can easily understand the literally meaning of Analytics. But here Google Analytics is used for something different. Now let me describe you. You got a website or blog, and want to see the basic data (visitors, pageviews, currently online, visitor’s source, details about audience and so on) Google Analytics is the complete solution for your problem. Now only website or blog you can also keep your eyes on mobile app too.

Setting Up Google Analytics for Blogger:

Google owned both Blogger & Analytics so it should be easy to add analytics for blogger blog. And yes it is. Now I’ll show you the complete process of adding Google Analytics in Blogger.

Step 1:

First click on “”. There you will be land on analytic page. Now from right top corner click on “Access Google Analytics”. (You should keep login with a gmail id)

access google analytics

Step 2:

Here another new page will appear click on “Sign up” from right top side again.

google analytics sign up

Step 3:

After clicking Sign up google will take you on a new page, where you have to fill all required form with valid information. And then click on “Get Tracking ID”. See the screenshot below for better understanding.

google analytics new account

Step 4:

Here Google will ask you to accept Google Analytics Terms of Service. Click on “I Accept”.

accept google terms of service

Step 5:

Here in this step you have to copy generated unique tracking ID for your newly created property. Select and copy the ID for next step.

google analytics tracking id

Step 6:

This is the final step of linking analytics account with blogger.
Log in to your blogger account, select your blog (if you have multiple), then click Settings > Others
Now from bottom side of the page in Google Analytics section paste the Tracking ID that you have copied from previous step.
Finally hit the “Save Settings” button in the top corner.

blogger google analytics settings

Final Word:

Friends this was the easiest way to linking analytic property with blogger blog. There’s also a alternative and that can be done by dropping tracking code in your template’s head section. But I don’t see any necessity to go for that, when google giving us the easiest solution.

In this post I have tried my best to make it much understandable. I’ve attached screenshot for every individual step. So it will be much easy for newbies to understand. So guys if you really enjoyed this post and it helped you then please consider few seconds to share this on your social profiles. Thanks in advance.

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Google made it Easier to Add Analytics in Blogger
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