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5 Tips for Planning Your Blog Articles Successfully

Planning is the key to writing well. It is the best way to keep your blog running and to keep posting regularly. You can write and publish your post from anywhere, so even if you’re sick or on holiday, you can still publish. Let’s look at some tips for planning and creating yourblog content.

Write your ideas in a journal or notebook.You probably have a million ideas in your head that you would like to write about. The best way to organize those ideas and make them into great content is to write them down and keep them nearby. You will use them when you plan your posts.

Brainstorm title ideas. The title of a post is often the place where we get completely stuck. The title has to be catchy, descriptive, engaging, and the right length. One way that works well is to brainstorm titles. In other words, set a timer for one minute or three minutes and write down every title you can think of related to your post content. Between the bad and the terrible ones you are sure to find the great one.

w2 - 5 Tips for Planning Your Blog Articles Successfully

Use pictures to stimulate ideas. If you like using visuals in your posts, start with them if you are having trouble with content ideas. Look for pictures that inspire you or that ca guide your brain into a direction of good content ideas. Search online for pictures related to your niche and see what pops up in your head.

Set up a post schedule. It is very important to have a schedule for your posts. You should plan ahead for at least a month but more is better. Set up your schedule with the publish dates, article titles or at least their niches or basic ideas, and how you will promote it. This schedule will keep you on track and posting regularly to keep your blog alive.

w1 - 5 Tips for Planning Your Blog Articles Successfully

Write a draft first. Don’t just write and publish. Write a first draft and leave it for a day. Read again the next day and make any changes that you feel may make it better. Check your spelling and grammar and then you’re ready to publish.

Every person will have a different process regarding how they decide what they want to write and how they write. Adjust these tips to work with your process. Read our article on how to be a successful blogger and the different types of blog articles you can write. These articles will also help with your planning and writing process.

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post5 - 8 Different Types of Blog Posts to Engage Your Audience Audience Blogging 

8 Different Types of Blog Posts to Engage Your Audience

When it comes to blog articles there are many different ways you can go. It can be tough deciding where you want to go with a post and the different options may just help you clarify your purpose and effectively your approach. Like I said, there are tons of options and I will look at a handful today.

How-To Posts

How-To posts are very popular and relatively easy to write. You choose a topic in which you have some tips to share and go for it, for example, how to prepare meals for the whole week or how to improve your poker game. The problem with these posts is that there probably is one of what you want to write out there. Before you write your article, Google your title or keywords and see what pops up. This could help you adapt your post to make it more unique.

Problem and Solution Posts

With a problem and solution post, you state a problem that you find people struggle with and you offer solutions. It can be anything that you have tried yourself, lived yourself, or did thorough research on.

Series Posts

These are great if you want your readers to keep coming back. If you can find a topic that you can split into several posts, make a series post. It can be a story or tips that are too much to put in one article, etc. If you can make it so that readers have to come back next week to find out more, you will have gold.

v1 - 8 Different Types of Blog Posts to Engage Your Audience

FAQ Posts

This is a post where you state questions about a topic that people often ask. You then continue to answer these questions. Depending on the nature of the topic, you should only offer answers that are true. If it is more philosophical or soft questions that don’t necessarily have factual answers, you can get creative.

Inspirational Posts

These are exactly what the name says – inspirational. People like being inspired and many really need to be inspired. You can share things that have happened to you or a loved one and how you got through it. When your readers can see that you are human and can identify with your pain or happiness they will come back.

Rant Posts

If you are seriously upset about something and need to rant and vent then you can write a rant post. You should be careful with these as you may say something you shouldn’t in your anger and chase away your readers. Rant but be careful about it. It works well when it is about something that you know your readers will also be angry about.

Interview Post

Interview posts are nice for when you speak to a celebrity or someone knowledgeable. Your readers will like learning more about these people and what makes them tick.

v2 - 8 Different Types of Blog Posts to Engage Your Audience

Review Posts

If you want to offer readers some valuable opinions and advice on what they should buy or watch o read, then write a review post. Ideally, it should be reviews that you have done yourself and not just ripped off from someone else’s page.

These are some of the types of article that you can make use of for your blog. Mix it up to keep your readers interested and remember to always be original and authentic.


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post6 - How to Be Heard Through All the Online Noise Blogging 

How to Be Heard Through All the Online Noise

Blogs here, blogs there, blogs everywhere. There are thousands of blogs out there in the webiverse. So, how are you supposed to make your blog heard in all that? It is a tough question and a tough problem, but it is not impossible. If you want to be heard through all the other online noise, you have to stand out. You have to be different. You have to offer quality content. You have to make it worthwhile to click on your article link.

1. Be different and unique

To stand out you need to be different. There are hundreds of blogs in the same niche as your blog, so you need to be different. You need to find new approaches to old things, new ideas, new perspectives, new ways of telling a story, etc. As a writer, you already have creativity in you. Delve deep into that creativity and make your blog unique and eye-catching.

2. Choose your target audience carefully

If you want to be heard you can’t have a broad audience and just hope someone clicks on your article. You need to have a specific target audience. You can target the people you want to read your blog with the right keywords and the correct social media platforms. Once you have regular readers you can widen the target parameters. AT the beginning, it is best to be specific so you can do some research on them and write about things that will draw them.

s2 - How to Be Heard Through All the Online Noise

3. Use social media

Social media is your friend when you want exposure. Again, it has to be done correctly otherwise it is pointless. You need to time your post updates and social media shares. You need to know when your audience will be online and where. You also need to know which social media platforms they use most. You can find these things out by having a specific target audience and reading up on the information that is out there.

4. Be yourself

The best way to be unique (as mentioned in the first point) is to be yourself. You are, after all, unique. Draw from your life experiences and your thoughts and feelings on certain topics. Use your uniqueness to write unique content and create a blog and brand that stands out in both visuals and what the audience gets from your posts.

s1 - How to Be Heard Through All the Online Noise

5. Write great content

This will always be one of the best ways to draw your readers and keep them coming back. You need to engage them with what you write. Generic nonsense that has been covered many times will not cut it. You need to be original, consistent, and write content that people want to read.

It will take some time to break through the noise but people will eventually get to know you and notice you. Once that starts happening, you better get ready for the ride of your life.

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post7 - Top WordPress Ad Plugins for Your Blog Blogging Wordpress 

Top WordPress Ad Plugins for Your Blog

If you do it right, blogging can be a source of income. One of the ways in which bloggers generate income is through selling advertisement spots on their blogs. With a WordPress-based blog, this can be difficult because it doesn’t really lend itself to advertising. To help you with this issue, there are different ad management plugins. You install these plugins and your options for advertisement spots and the management of the ads on your blog becomes easier.

Adsanity This plugin is a good option and is also easy for beginner bloggers to use. The plugin offers a variety of features and enables you to add an advertisement anywhere on the blog site. It also offers scheduling options, stats, and options for group ads. There is no limit to the number of ads you can create and add to your blog by using Adsanity.

Ad Inserter This plugin is also a good option if you’re a beginner and looking for a simple and easy to use tool. Ad Inserter allows you to insert ad blocks on your blog and gives you options on how you want to fill those blocks. You can use the free tool to manage the basics of your ad spots and stats. If you want more advanced options and more intricate management you will have to pay for those features

OIO PublisherThis is a great plugin option if you want to sell advertisements directly to your clients. OIO Publisher handles the reporting, payments and tracking involved with your advertisements. It is easy to use and very straightforward. This plugin takes out all the messy parts of selling ads and just makes it simple.

DoubleClick by Google When it comes to reliability and cost, this is the best plugin option for your advertisement management needs. It is a web-based platform for selling advertisements. This tool runs competitions for ad spots and automatically chooses the best-paying ad for that spot. It is a very handy tool and if you want to have success with selling advertisements on your blog, you should definitely consider DoubleClick.

You will find a few more WordPress-based ad management tools online. To choose the one that will suit your needs best, ask other bloggers what they use and ho wit works for them. You can also look at other blogs and see how their ads look and work.

Once you have started your blog and done the hosting and domain name parts, you should have a look at the ad management tools.

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post8 - Blogging Life: 8 Benefits of Becoming a Blogger Blogging 

Blogging Life: 8 Benefits of Becoming a Blogger

Blogging is a way of life for many people. Not a financial means or a way to get noticed, but something that has meaning and that gives them joy. Being a blogger has many benefits for both you and the people who read your blog. It can be life-changing, enlightening, and entertaining. It can be awesome. So, why am I so philosophical about blogging? This is why.

Blogging will make you a better writer – Like with most things, writing improves with practice. The more you write, the better you will write. You will also learn to write in different styles and how to best say what you want your audience to hear. Being a great writer will make your blog better, so the two parts of the whole actually build each other.

Blogging can be like therapy – When you write about your life and your experiences, it is like therapy. You get to explore your thoughts and feelings and learn more about yourself. You can vent some of your anger and opinions that are important to you. All this makes blogging therapeutic because you are dealing with thoughts and emotions that may otherwise have been bottled up. The best thing of all is that you will often find that your readers appreciate your honesty and openness and that many of them probably identify with your stories.

x1 - Blogging Life: 8 Benefits of Becoming a Blogger

Blogging can open the world for you – When you start writing blog posts and making them public for the world to see, you will meet people from all around the world. You will have readers that follow you from Asia, Australia, England, Madagascar, South Africa, etc. All of these different people have different ideas, experiences, backgrounds, cultures, and more and you will learn a lot from them. By following other bloggers you will also get to hear and see what people from other parts of the world think and feel about certain things.

Blogging will make you see life differently – Because you will be meeting and hearing from all these different people, you will start seeing life differently. When writing, you will find new ways of looking at a topic and you will learn approach things differently. Readers will comment on your posts and often have opinions and comments that will blow you away. Blogging will definitely make you see the world differently.

Blogging will make you think about things – When you do research for an article or have to dig deep into your own thoughts, emotions, and past experiences, you will find that it makes you think. You think about the meaning of life, why wars happen, why a certain reader has to go through a tough time, etc. It won’t just make you think of the deep stuff but also about whatever it is that you need to think about.

Blogging will help you inspire other people – This is one of my favorite benefits of blogging. When you write about meaningful things and experiences, you get the opportunity to inspire people. Whether you inspire them to start painting or to make a life-changing decision or to not give up, you will have an impact. It is inevitable that you will touch people and make them think and inspire them. It is for this reason that you should choose your words carefully. You will at some point make someone angry or offend someone, but when you write, keep in mind that people will be reading and taking your words to heart.

Blogging will boost your confidence – When people start responding to your posts and see that they are being shared and commented on, it boosts your confidence. It makes you feel more confident about your blogging, your writing, and just yourself. It makes you feel like you truly have an impact that people are appreciating what you have to say.

x2 - Blogging Life: 8 Benefits of Becoming a Blogger

Blogging can give you purpose – Sometimes we feel like we don’t know why we get up in the mornings. This is normal. It has happened to me several times. However, blogging can definitely help with getting rid of that doubt. When you run a blog that can inspire people or give them practical tips or save them time, you have a purpose. You have a responsibility to your readers to keep going and keep helping them to keep going. Blogging gives you a reason to get up in the morning and make your mark in the world.

As you can see, blogging is way more than just stringing together a few words and sentences. It can be a life-changing experience. Your blog or posts don’t have to go viral to be successful. You can have success by simply having people appreciate what you have to offer.

Learn how to start your blog here and read our article on things that can make you a successful blogger.

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post9 - 8 Important Tips to Make Your Blog Successful Blogging 

8 Important Tips to Make Your Blog Successful

To be a successful blogger, you have to be committed to your blog and your audience. If you are simply in it to increase traffic or make money, you are very likely going to fail. Blogging has to be about more than the surface stuff. Great blog posts and great bloggers have substance and a human element. If you have just started a blog, plan to start one, or feel that your blog can perform better, you need to keep reading.

Learn how to start your own blog here.

Today, I want to focus on being a successful blogger. The world is chock-full of bloggers in every imaginable niche and for you to be noticed, will take time, patience, and dedication. So, here is what you have to do to be successful.

1. Make Your Audience Important

If you have a blog and you write so people can read your work and follow your blog, you need to pay attention to those readers. Your audience is the most important part of your blog. They are the ones who will be reading your work, commenting, interacting with you, and sharing your content if they like it. To make sure that you keep your audience and give them good reading material, you need to listen to them and get to know them. Engage with them, read their comments, do surveys and find out what they want to read about and what questions they want answered.

2. Write Valuable Content

Valuable content is non-negotiable. If you just sit and start typing a bunch of sentences and hope it make sense, you have no business being a blogger, unless of course you only blog to vent for yourself. You need to plan your content to make sure that it is valuable and good and that your audience will be able to take something away from it. Planning is an important part of blogging.

3. Build Your Mailing List

Your mailing list is very important. Building your mailing list should be a priority because it is the way you can communicate with your readers. It is not just a way to sell things. Whether you are selling something or not, build your mailing list. You need to interact with your audience, show them you care, and be able to send them updates and good news.

4. Don’t Write for Someone Else

I once came across some really good advice and have found it to be very helpful. The person told me to write for myself. This is important when you are just starting out. If you are writing posts for yourself because you enjoy it and get to say what you feel, then the readers will come. If you try to write for someone else or be someone else, readers will pick it up and they generally don’t like that. So, before you worry about everyone else and whether people will read your blog, write for yourself and build it from there.

m1 - 8 Important Tips to Make Your Blog Successful

5. Be Real and Open

People can tell when you’re lying to them or trying to be something you’re not. People pick up on fake. To make your posts successful, be real and be open. The best things to write about are things that you have experienced and know about. When you share life experiences, fears, joy, etc. with your audience, they relate and they identify with you. When people see the human behind the blog, they tend to keep reading. They may start reading because of the content but eventually they will follow the blog for you.

6. Create Your Brand

The top bloggers in the world are recognized by their brand. They have logos, reputations, and buzz that all speaks to their brand. If you want to make your blog a big deal it has to be visible and recognizable as you. Building a brand takes time and patience, but it is worth it. If you follow the tips here on Blogspot Yard, you will get a good start on that brand.

7. Don’t be Afraid to Share What You Know

You shouldn’t feel like you have to hide your knowledge. You should share it. What else are you going to do with it? We all have our unique combinations of things we know and sharing will make us all learn something new. So, share your wisdom and give your readers something they can use or learn from. People like to learn new things and they like anything that they can learn fast. A blog post is the ideal way to share valuable information in a quick and easy to understand manner.

m2 - 8 Important Tips to Make Your Blog Successful

8. Connect With Your Audience

Yes, I mention audience again because they are very important. Successful bloggers interact with their audience. They become their friend. If you are truly offering people value with your blog, they will feel like they are home when they read your posts and they will feel like they are visiting a friend when they open your blog. This connection with your audience is very important. Reach out to them, respond to comments, and send out ‘just-because’ emails every now and then.

Blogging can be a very rewarding experience. If you do it right, you will reach people, touch their lives, and make a difference even if you may never know it. Words are powerful and when you write the right ones together and give people something to think about or something to learn, you are making a difference.

If you think blogging is not for you, read this post on the reasons why you should start a blog.

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post3 - 5 Tips for Drawing Readers and Build a Following Blogging Readers 

5 Tips for Drawing Readers and Build a Following

Get more people to see your blog and your thoughts with these simple tips. When you have a blog and you want people to read what you have to say and share what you write, you need to be smart. There are lots of blogs and other noise online and if you want to be heard, you need to stand out. So, here are our tips for drawing readers and building your following.

Write Excellent and Engaging Content

This is by far the best tip we can give you. Not only will great content engage your audience and make them come back for more, but it will also make Google happy and rank your blog. If you want to be seen and heard you cannot copy or rewrite or do what others have already done. You can even new perspectives and better ideas on things that have already been done, but never just do something again. It also helps to learn about your readers and what the like to read about. Tap into that and write content that caters to them specifically.

k2 - 5 Tips for Drawing Readers and Build a Following

Use Social Media Extensively

Social media is a great way of getting your blog known. If you share your new blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. you will reach more people. Ask your friends and family to also share your posts and spread the word on social media. If your title is catchy, people will follow the link to your blog.

You can use a tool like CoSchedule to help.

Let Google See You

Your blog may have privacy settings that block Google and other search engines from seeing your site. Make sure that you untick or tick any boxes to allow search engines to find your blog and list it in search results.

k1 - 5 Tips for Drawing Readers and Build a Following

Keep Your Blog Active

If people don’t hear from you often, they will lose interest and forget about you. Remember, there are thousands of blogs and many of them say the same things. You need to stand out, be active, and show up where you can be seen. To do that, you need to post article regularly. Use Instagram and other social media to post short updates or pictures between post dates. This way, you will always have some activity to make sure people remember you.

Follow Other Blogs

Find blogs that are in the same or a similar niche than yours. Follow them and subscribe to them. Leave comments if you have something to say and your name will be noticed. You can also link to other blogs from your blog site to make other bloggers aware of you. They may then also follow and subscribe to your blog and share your content. It is a mutual relationship of sharing and creating exposure.

These tips will help you get your blog noticed. If you use the right tags and enough of them, you will also increase your exposure. Posts with tags will show up on reader lists and top lists, so give that a try. You can also write for other blogs. Visit our WRITE FOR US page to learn more.

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post2 - 5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog Blogging 

5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog

Do you want to start a blog but you’re unsure why you really want to? Maybe you just like what other people are doing or maybe you really have something to say? No matter which is truer for you, here are some reasons to consider. If you can identify with any of these reasons, you have a good reason to start a blog.

You have always wanted to try writing but never had the platform. A blog is a great way to practice your writing skills and find your voice and style. You can write about anything you want and try different techniques and types of writing. This is the ideal way to break into writing whether it is a hobby or something you may want to full-time eventually.

j1 - 5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog

You feel that you have things to share with the world. Many of us have feelings, opinions, and experiences that we feel we want to share with the world. Often, these things that we want to share help others. For example, you are a cancer survivor your blog could help people who are going through what you did. You could give them hope and share how you got through it all. You can share tips on things that you are really good at like carpentry or painting. The sky is the limit.

You want to create a platform for a specific cause. People start blogs in support of different causes like breast cancer, animal cruelty, child crimes, etc. These blogs offer support, important information, and helpful resources. People can visit these blogs and even write for them to help the cause and people who are suffering.

You want to make some extra money or work from home. Blogging is not a viable option for income for everyone. It takes work and commitment to be a blogger who only blogs and still make enough money to live. It is possible, however. There are many people across the world who make a living off blogging. Even if you just want a bit of a side income, blogging may be your answer.

j2 - 5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog

You want to increase traffic to your website. This shouldn’t necessarily be the sole reason, but it is a good reason. A blog with good and helpful content draws existing and potential clients. If you can offer your clients advice and information that will make their lives easier or save them time or money, you will get more traffic. So, if you enjoy writing about the things that you offer and want to help your clients, it is a good idea to start a blog and in the process increase your SEO.

Remember, starting a blog doesn’t mean you have to become a world-famous writer or make money with it. Many people simply have a blog to share their thoughts, keep a journal, or voice their opinions and that is fine. It’s like therapy. You can have a blog for whatever reason feels right to you.

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post1 - How to Start Your Blog in Five Easy Steps Blogging 

How to Start Your Blog in Five Easy Steps

Starting your own blog can be a great thing for many different reasons. We will pay attention those reasons on another day. Today, we want to share with you how easy it is to start your own blog and start living your writing dreams. There are thousands of blogs online and they all have something to say. If you have something to say and advice to share, follow these simple steps to get started.

Step 1: Get the Technical Stuff Done

The technical stuff means the platform, domain name, and hosting option. If you start a blog on a free site like WordPress, you don’t have to worry about hosting. You will have your platform and you will create your domain name. The domain name or name of the blog should be descriptive and creative. It helps if it tells people exactly what you’re about.

h2 - How to Start Your Blog in Five Easy Steps

Step 2: Choose Your Theme and Make It Look the Way You Want

You can buy a theme or choose a free theme for your blog. The theme is basically the background, look and layout of your blog. You can make changes and even add code if you know how or have a friend who may know how. There are many different options. You should choose a theme that that is simple, user-friendly, and suits your blog and niche.

Step 3: Choose the Plugins You Need

Plugins are like small programs that do specific things without you even noticing. You can look into getting plugins for advertisements as well as for gathering your site statistics and so on. You can find a whole lot of blog plugins everywhere on the web.

h1 - How to Start Your Blog in Five Easy Steps

Step 4: Plan Your Articles and Write Great Content

Once you have all the computer stuff sorted, you need to start thinking about the content. You probably have an idea of things you want to write about. Draw up a plan of articles that you will write for the next month or two – at least once a week.

Then start planning those articles and write great content that will engage your audience and maybe change lives or at least entertain your readers.

Step 5: Post Content Regularly and Listen to Your Readers

To keep your blog current and make sure that people follow you, you must post regularly. Once a week is a good guideline, but you can post more or maybe only twice a month depending on your time. However, you must get the ball rolling and keep it rolling, especially if you wish to make money with your blog eventually. You should also pay attention to comments and what your readers are saying. Plan your content around what they need and what you see interests them.

These steps are really very simple and you should have no problems getting started. There is website like that helps you set everything up and offers discounts on hosting. That is a good place to start if you are still unsure.

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