3 simple mistake that can destroy blogging career

mistake that can destroy blogging career

Many new blogger fails in their blogging career because they have no experience, less knowledge about blogging and they did mistake and some mistake can be costly that can ruin their effort.today i will tell you about some simple mistake that can destroy blogging career.while starting blogging you have set your plan and aim and you should focus on your plan but many newbie missed these thing like blogger widget seo and other thing that play significant role in building good blog.when you going to start new blog the first thing you do is the selecting blog name and blog title.that should be short and easy to remember this will help to make unique visitors.

Not taking part in conservation

you have to participate in conservation.join other bloggers, social media pages or groups and communicate with them.ask them to join your blog.invite your friends to friends to like your page.share your post on social media.try to reply comments quick it also help to gain visitor trust and if you are not participating in comments conservation then you are sending bad or spammy impression.

Not thinking as visitor

If you are not thinking like user then you may loss lot of visitors.If you are not giving required information to visitor they will exit your blog.give your reader they are looking for.use good navigation menu and widgets because it helps readers to move their cursor to post or category they want .make sure loading time of your blog is less if your blog take too much time loading then visitor will not stay  longer on your blog.do not write long paragraphs If your article is long then use short paragraph and heading which help to gain reader interest in article and  help them in reading.

Not managing time

Time is very important thing and id you have not make schedule or calendar to manage your blog then it can create problem for you.making calendar is very necessary if you are blogging alone.many expert blogger have more than one author and admin to manage blog so they got ease of time.I know it is difficult for one person to manage time to keep your blog up to date, may be you are student and you have study work But it suggest to make time table and follow it with consistently which is important factor in blogging career.

At the End i want to sumerize this post in few lines.If you do not want to mess with mistake then do dnot rush things.Set up your goal. confirm your social media presence so people can find and follow you.add subscribtion option build community.provide quality content to your visitors.Work in silence and let success be your noise

GetResponse Vs Landingi Review: Which Landing Page Builder Should Be You Choose

Landing page builders have become very popular among people in the past couple of years. Gone are the days now when people used to hire coders to create landing pages. It’s now an easy task with drag and drop tools that even laymen can create with beautiful looking landing pages. Thanks to its new advanced landing page building tools that made it so easy and possible. Now we don’t need to hire a coder, just get a landing page builder and start building.
These landing page builders have many more, and other interesting features like they have an option where you can host your landing pages on their servers, give you the ability to track how you’re landing pages are executing and many other such features.
Today we will discuss two of those landing page builders. This first one will be GetResponse Landing Page Builder and the second one is Landingi. They both are a very well renowned company. Both having great features but obviously one of them is better than the other and we are going to find which one it is going to be.
Response Vs Landingi


GetResponse has been known to have the widest range of subscribers in the world mostly. Since it provides the simple, easy steps and procedures that are needed to be followed by businesses, may they be big or small, recognized or developing, to reach out  to their clients on a regular basis, and as a result, create customer relationships. It is the most accurate tool for email marketing, and it lets users send attractive newsletters to a complete list of potential customer. Knowing the rapidly growing trend of email marketing and landing pages in the world, this marketing tool has offered numerous features to their clients over the years besides sending emails on updates about their products or services.

Essential Features

Email Design Templates – GetResponse is known to provide the options of choosing your layout and has more than 500 different templates to customize your newsletters or business email. It is easy to use features, and there is no complexity of putting down HTML codes. GetResponse allows you to import everything without making people re-confirm their emails

Free images – Get Response enables you to add images to develop your emails.   It also gives you to access to over thousands of images from iStock. This makes you easier, and it’s free!

Learning Center - Many people have a problem with access and how to start your project. GetResponse will help you with many videos and some downloadable guides to instruct you how to start.

A/B testing – GetResponse allows to utilize up to 10 versions of a landing page to discover which produces more traffic. With the help from this user will be able to know which appeals other subscribers.

Inbox Preview - These features make our relief by not worrying how our mail looks to all our domestic clients. This satisfies many users need

Autoresponders – This is the fundamental principle of GetResponse which helps you by sending emails automatically whenever you have no time to send your full newsletters and messages to clients manually. It is action based as well as time-based. It provides support with an option of flexible scheduling and also gives us a choice to a user if we want our emails to be sent out immediately or on a delayed schedule.

Webinars – Companies now can record their webinars with this feature. It also provides a very flexible schedule option. You can just log and type in a calendar of your webinar. It also has exciting features we can also interact with your attendees through given chat polls, screen sharing, whiteboards, etc.


Landingi- It’s a landing page creator that lets us build landing pages without having to concern about codes. About 1700 companies have been subscribed to get its assistance for designing landing pages. Like all other various marketing tools, it also holds a similar purpose of helping the business to establish new heights and a profitable customer base with assistance from numerous features and pricing offers.

Essential Features

Templates – It holds more than 100 different tailor-made design templates which let you make emails creatively and catalogs for the clients to read.

A/B testing – It makes the users compare their originally designed landing page with other variables. They have a first preview feature of what their newsletters would look like when it reaches the potential receivers of that mail would click it open for the very first time. If the user is not pleased with its appearance, he has an option to choose different variables to match further the design in a way he wants it to look like.

Forms – Users have this feature where they can create forms for allowing the clients subscribe to their landing page or sign up to make an account for further advanced and exclusive offers. The benefits of this feature are that by creating forms, companies can extract as much information out of their customers as they can and use that data to identify their needs and send those emails accordingly about services that are related to it, so they are interested.

Getresponse Vs LandingI – A Comparison of Their Landing Pages
GetResponse shows all elements of an application which are easy to make landing pages. The users are given 100 choices for their landing page templates, making it at ease for companies to have merits in their landing pages. Furthermore, companies also can customize their landing page by the drag-drop option WYSIWYG editor which allows them to add unique components on their site. The third and last step is to broadcast or publish it. For publishing the site, you are given the option to widen your audience through Facebook integrations.

Although the landing page by Landingi does have same features to track down your performance like GetResponse does, it provides the similar options for quick operations, comfortable editors, and mobile-friendly solutions. However, unlike GetResponse the Landingi tool can also create a professional landing page for the companies for $299.


Getresponse consists primarily of 4 subscription packages:
·         Email -$25 per month
·         Pro- $49 per month
·         Max-$165 per month
·         Enterprise-$799 per month

The above offer packages are for email tool and Landing page creator combined.
The basic landing page of GetResponse comes with its 30-day free trial and the GetResponse email tool. This lets us publish one landing page with up to 1000 visitors (per month). For getting this feature of unlimited landing pages with unlimited bandwidth and traffic, you will have to get their Pro Plan.

Landingi consists of 3 subscription packages:

Free: Users can register for free and are offered with 1 active landing page and 100 unique visitors.

Lite: For $19 users are given 5 active landing pages and 2 login accounts.

Standard 5000: For $29, users are provided with unlimited landing pages and also the choice of publishing their landing pages on Facebook.

So choose wisely and make the decision that describes your needs.
While comparing both GetResponse vs Landingi, both the tools distinguish themselves by providing various features. However, GetResponse takes the lead here for now because it provides us both the things – Email marketing and Landing Pages that also with a reasonable prices. Or I must say GetResponse is complete solution for all marketers since it provides everything which a marketer need to take his business at next level.

GetResponse Review: All in One Solution for Email Marketing

Email marketing is inevitable in the present digital marketing strategy. All kind of company adapts the marketing strategy.
The base of the Email market is, captures the leads from the target audience. Once you captured the lead, then connect with them by sending the message and newsletter.
Take effect to establish your brand with your readers. Once you do that, then you convert them to your customer, there is the success of Email Marketing. 
To make your email marketing ease, there are many toolsavailable in the market. Yet, choosing a right tool is the biggest task for you.
Here, you are going to know about GetResponse. It is best to email marketing solutions for bloggers, companies, and digital marketers. It meets all your needs in the field of email marketing.

Introduction to GetResponse – An Ultimate Email Marketing Tool

It comprises a power pack tools to run your email marketing campaign. Effectless workflow allows you to work with the tools and making the email marketing is an ease task to you.
Just saying, think about the next content of the email and the rest thing is completely simple with the tool.
 To say in a simple word, It improve your productivity and you concentrate other works.

The Features of the GetResponse

Responsive Email: The Google - The Mobile Movement said 82% people check emails on mobile. GetResponse study revealed 42% mail get deleting, because of non-mobile responsive. Moreover, 41% emails open on the smartphone. As well as, around 34% of consumer prefer to buy via their smartphone.
The study showed there is a huge demand for mobile responsive design. In GetResponse, create the responsive email or choose responsive templates from over 500 design. If you want you can preview the mobile responsive version inside the editor.

Autoresponder 2: The Autoresponder put your email marketing in automation. You send the time-based message to your subscriber by scheduling in advance for upcoming days.
The action-based message trigger if any action has done by the reader. You can define as many as action-based messages as per your requirements.

Landing Page: Another most demand service is landing page among the digital marketers. In the GetResponse, you can create the amazing landing page or choose any templates. 

All landing page design and templates are mobile responsive. Also, customize the landing page according to your needs with powerful WYSIWYG editor. 
You can launch the landing page under the GetResponse based subdomain or use your own domain.
It comes with built-in web forms can insert into the landing page to capture the leads and user details. 
You can track and optimize your landing page by integrating advanced tools like Google Analysis, Google Tag Manage, Facebook Pixel, GoogleAdwords and so on.
Even you can receive payments by setting up the PayPal on the landing page.

Webinars: A complete webinars solution, where you conduct the webinars and collecting user information. 

Pick a webinar invitation or reminder template and use your content, then send to the readers. If anybody show interest they will signup for the webinars.
Make the webinars to the public view or restrict to the registered user only. The choose is yours.
The Auto-login allow the subscriber to the webinar page without any sign-in requirements. 
During the webinar, you do chat with your attendees and share any document with them. If you want to share the screen partly or full to the viewers. As well as, raise questions and get feedback from them.
According to your plan, you record the webinars up to 2 hours and save in the GetResponse cloud storage. Later, you can share the recording with your subscriber to watch them if they missed the live event.
Get the detailed analysis report of the event in seconds. The report includes about the registrants, attendees with their locations, and more. 
You have to learn from the report and optimize your upcoming webinars.
At last, export a detailed analysis report in PDF and share it with your team members. The data will be useful for next event.

A/B Testing: Also called split test uses to find which type of email campaign works with the subscriber.
You are going to test various subject, content, time, font type and so on. The ongoing A/B test reveals, which campaign is working well and get opens and clicks and more details. 

You get the detailed metrics of the A/B testing emails. After that, you know which one is getting click rate high, best color, time and more details.

Segmentation: Not all email for all people. Sending personalized email to the respective people give more engagement and conversion. 
Segmentation helps you to group up such people by country, interest based and more.
You do the segmentation in automation. You can create the various combination of rules & criteria and add the user as per the rule to their respective segmentation group.

List Booster: Import contact details from another source to GetResponse is the easiest task now. 
You can import the contact details from 16 different sources to your email marketing tool. Let's see some of the source are Email Client, Social platform like Linkedin, Google+, Salesforce, HDD, CMS, CRM and so on
Your such source helps you to build your email list gradually and send the email to them and boost your sale.

The Forms: You can find various types of forms, such as Newsletter Sign-up, Order forms, and more. Just load predesigned form template and use it.
The advanced forms, such as Exit pop-up, scroll form, fixed bar. Such forms help you to gain more leads from the readers.
If you like to design your own form then start work on the blank form. It supports for Facebook, WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla and WooCommerce integration.

Email Intelligence: Track your sent emails is an important thing to understand the reader behavior. You know about email opening rate, the best time to send emails to your readers and more. Such metrics help you to optimize your future campaign. 

Mobile Application: You need not do your work by sitting in the front of the computer. If you are using Android or iOS smartphone, then install the GetResponse app on it and start working. 

Price & Plans
You can buy the subscription at the affordable price. Based on your existing & expecting email list you can buy a plan.

A must have email marketing tool for the digital marketer. GetResponse makes the email marketing is an ease job. 
 You the detailed analysis of Autoresponder, Email Intelligence, A/B Testing. It helps you to do the wrong campaign and save your value time.
You save a huge amount by using the webinars and landing page services. The both are unavoidable in the digital marketing and give a value to your marketing.
GetResponse is the best email marketing tool bundle with advanced features. Never stick with less featured tool that kill your email marketing, So go with GetResponse.

Web Browser Alternative

web browser alternative

6 Web Browser Alternative that you Must Know

When asked to name a few web browsers Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Windows Internet Explorer are the browsers that come to the minds of the users. Internet users rely much on the web browsers to access numerous sites. However, in reality, apart from the five mentioned browsers, there are many web browsers that are quite good for surfing the net. The innovation in this stream has stagnated to be honest. While all the 5 browsers are customizable, Firefox and Chrome let the users add or remove extensions, and developers can play with them. Add-ons and extensions are not everyone’s cup of tea. A few users might need more than these, and a few might not know what to do with them.

An insight on a few alternative browsers can help you to know about the other choices available.

1. WhiteHat Aviator

aviator web browser

This is the browser for those who are more concerned about privacy. Privacy of all sorts is taken care of by this browser. Most of the times, the threat is that the private companies collect data of the user. This can be any data from your email ID to your credit card details. The major pro of using WhiteHat Aviator is that this web browser blocks all the loopholes of the malicious sites. This way your computer is not infected, and your data is secure. Your computer does not get any ads, and media autoplay is also cut off. Without the permission of the user, no app can be launched. The browser opens in incognito mode by default, and this means when you close the window, the traces are off. The browser makes use of DuckDuckGo, a search engine that again is great if you are concerned about linking the search activity.

2. Coowon

coowon web browser
This is a browser for the gamers. Games of all sorts, from Ballistic to Farmville 2 can be enjoyed with this browser. The browser also has features that make it game friendly, like the sidebar that can record the mouse clicks. Toggling between the gamepad keys and the keyboard is made easy with the built in the screen shot. Additionally you can pose to be very seriously into work while you are engrossed in the game. Installing the browser offline is much better compared that of the online installation.

3. Vivaldi

vivaldi web browser

Vivaldi is a Chromium-based browser and is in the second stage of the technical preview. This targets the hardcore browsers, and currently it is a simple and easy to use the browser. However, the browser is taking lots of indications from Opera. In fact, the browser is currently lead by former CEO of Opera. The browser’s built-in mail client is not yet developed completely, but there are a few advantages that are impressive. One of them is that the users can access the favorite sites with the speed dial feature in a very short time, and there is also a note taking an app that is inbuilt.

4. Dooble Browser

dooble web browser

Dooble is the open source browser that can function well on multiple platforms. This was launched in September in the year of 2009. The aim of the browser is to offer privacy and usability is a more refined and improved form. Dooble is available for OSX, Windows, and FreeBSD, and the major proof for choosing this browser is that the third-party plugins are supported. Also, there is a built-in download manager and is easy to use. 

5. Epic Browser

epic web browser

This browser is powered by Mozilla and makes use of multiple sources to offer live Cricket news, films, and songs. The best thing about this browser is that you can safely browse the internet, without letting know anyone what you surf! This cannot be tracked online.

6. SeaMonkey

seamonkey web browser

This is one of the browsers that are around for a decade, and still not much known. This is the best browser for those who surf online hardcore, and this is one stop solution for all browsing needs. This is an integrated package of the email client, browser, RSS, newsgroup, HTML editor, and IRC client. If you are looking for downloading torrents, you can get it as an add-on. 


All the above browsers have a host of features that make them unique. As some of them are truly meant for the gamers and some are apt for socialization. Without discarding the major browsers, you can choose these browsers as per your need and make internet surfing easier.

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Easy Android Hacks to Get the Most Out of Your Android

best android experience

5 Tips and Tricks to get the most out of your Android

Android is the most popular operating system in the world. According to the report published by International Data Corporation (IDC), a whopping 81.5% OS market is captured by Android. This makes Android the market leader in terms of number of users. Most people residing in developing countries like Bangladesh are also buying smartphones. For them, Android phones by local and international vendors offer more value for money. A lot of people are on the lookout for basic tips and tricks to enhance their Android experience. The picture below shows that android tips and tricks is a trending search topic worldwide.

Here are 5 basic tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Android Device:

Install Multipurpose Apps

To get the most out of your Android phone, it is always a wise idea to save up crucial memory space and install apps which are multipurpose. Multipurpose apps can give users all related information in one app. For instance, you can find news from all leading newspapers and magazines on apps like Flipboard. Similarly, you can shop from multiple categories on apps like Kaymu and FlipKart. These apps have all the things in one place and by installing them, you can actually save up a lot of space you would otherwise have to consume by installing individual apps for each function.

Set Limit to Mobile Data Usage

A rookie mistake which a lot of people do is not setting a limit to data usage. By doing this, you may end up consuming more data than you initially planned for, leading to extra charges. Nothing can be more annoying than finding out that all your mobile credit has run out because you failed to keep tabs on the mobile data usage. Another useful tip is to always prefer Wi-Fi over mobile data.

Disable App Notifications

A lot of new android users have to face the annoying notifications which seem to pop up in the notification panel after every few minutes. App developers have designed the apps in a way to ensure that people keep coming back to their apps. Flooding notification panel with notifications is one of the ways they can do this. For all people who hate this annoying feature, you can turn off the notifications. Simply go to settings and under notification section, you can disable notifications of apps you don’t want.

Kill Background Apps and Tasks

One basic reason why android devices seem to get slow or run out of battery fast is the large number of background apps. You may have forgotten to switch off certain apps while other apps have the tendency to keep working even after you have switched them off. You can install a simple widget to kill background tasks and clear up much needed RAM space.

Set Brightness to Auto

The final useful tip is to set brightness to auto. Screen eats up most of your battery, even if the phone is on sleep. Auto brightness will ensure that the screen brightness gets adjusted according to the brightness levels of your surroundings.

There are many other tricks and tips to enhance Android experience but for newbies who have just entered into the world of Android, these 5 are the most basic and easiest to follow.


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