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6 Web Browser Alternative that you Must Know

When asked to name a few web browsers Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Windows Internet Explorer are the browsers that come to the minds of the users. Internet users rely much on the web browsers to access numerous sites. However, in reality, apart from the five mentioned browsers, there are many web browsers that are quite good for surfing the net. The innovation in this stream has stagnated to be honest. While all the 5 browsers are customizable, Firefox and Chrome let the users add or remove extensions, and developers can play with them. Add-ons and extensions are not everyone’s cup of tea. A few users might need more than these, and a few might not know what to do with them.

An insight on a few alternative browsers can help you to know about the other choices available.

1. WhiteHat Aviator

This is the browser for those who are more concerned about privacy. Privacy of all sorts is taken care of by this browser. Most of the times, the threat is that the private companies collect data of the user. This can be any data from your email ID to your credit card details. The major pro of using WhiteHat Aviator is that this web browser blocks all the loopholes of the malicious sites. This way your computer is not infected, and your data is secure. Your computer does not get any ads, and media autoplay is also cut off. Without the permission of the user, no app can be launched. The browser opens in incognito mode by default, and this means when you close the window, the traces are off. The browser makes use of DuckDuckGo, a search engine that again is great if you are concerned about linking the search activity.

2. Coowon

This is a browser for the gamers. Games of all sorts, from Ballistic to Farmville 2 can be enjoyed with this browser. The browser also has features that make it game friendly, like the sidebar that can record the mouse clicks. Toggling between the gamepad keys and the keyboard is made easy with the built in the screen shot. Additionally you can pose to be very seriously into work while you are engrossed in the game. Installing the browser offline is much better compared that of the online installation.

3. Vivaldi

Vivaldi is a Chromium-based browser and is in the second stage of the technical preview. This targets the hardcore browsers, and currently it is a simple and easy to use the browser. However, the browser is taking lots of indications from Opera. In fact, the browser is currently lead by former CEO of Opera. The browser’s built-in mail client is not yet developed completely, but there are a few advantages that are impressive. One of them is that the users can access the favorite sites with the speed dial feature in a very short time, and there is also a note taking an app that is inbuilt.

4. Dooble Browser

Dooble is the open source browser that can function well on multiple platforms. This was launched in September in the year of 2009. The aim of the browser is to offer privacy and usability is a more refined and improved form. Dooble is available for OSX, Windows, and FreeBSD, and the major proof for choosing this browser is that the third-party plugins are supported. Also, there is a built-in download manager and is easy to use

5. Epic Browser

This browser is powered by Mozilla and makes use of multiple sources to offer live Cricket news, films, and songs. The best thing about this browser is that you can safely browse the internet, without letting know anyone what you surf! This cannot be tracked online.

6. SeaMonkey

This is one of the browsers that are around for a decade, and still not much known. This is the best browser for those who surf online hardcore, and this is one stop solution for all browsing needs. This is an integrated package of the email client, browser, RSS, newsgroup, HTML editor, and IRC client. If you are looking for downloading torrents, you can get it as an add-on.

All the above browsers have a host of features that make them unique. As some of them are truly meant for the gamers and some are apt for socialization. Without discarding the major browsers, you can choose these browsers as per your need and make internet surfing easier.
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Easy Android Hacks to Get the Most Out of Your Android

5 Tips and Tricks to get the most out of your Android

Android is the most popular operating system in the world. According to the report published by International Data Corporation (IDC), a whopping 81.5% OS market is captured by Android. This makes Android the market leader in terms of number of users. Most people residing in developing countries like Bangladesh are also buying smartphones. For them, Android phones by local and international vendors offer more value for money. A lot of people are on the lookout for basic tips and tricks to enhance their Android experience. The picture below shows that android tips and tricks is a trending search topic worldwide.

Here are 5 basic tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Android Device:

Install Multipurpose Apps

To get the most out of your Android phone, it is always a wise idea to save up crucial memory space and install apps which are multipurpose. Multipurpose apps can give users all related information in one app. For instance, you can find news from all leading newspapers and magazines on apps like Flipboard. Similarly, you can shop from multiple categories on apps like Kaymu and FlipKart. These apps have all the things in one place and by installing them, you can actually save up a lot of space you would otherwise have to consume by installing individual apps for each function.

Set Limit to Mobile Data Usage

A rookie mistake which a lot of people do is not setting a limit to data usage. By doing this, you may end up consuming more data than you initially planned for, leading to extra charges. Nothing can be more annoying than finding out that all your mobile credit has run out because you failed to keep tabs on the mobile data usage. Another useful tip is to always prefer Wi-Fi over mobile data.

Disable App Notifications

A lot of new android users have to face the annoying notifications which seem to pop up in the notification panel after every few minutes. App developers have designed the apps in a way to ensure that people keep coming back to their apps. Flooding notification panel with notifications is one of the ways they can do this. For all people who hate this annoying feature, you can turn off the notifications. Simply go to settings and under notification section, you can disable notifications of apps you don’t want.

Kill Background Apps and Tasks

One basic reason why android devices seem to get slow or run out of battery fast is the large number of background apps. You may have forgotten to switch off certain apps while other apps have the tendency to keep working even after you have switched them off. You can install a simple widget to kill background tasks and clear up much needed RAM space.

Set Brightness to Auto

The final useful tip is to set brightness to auto. Screen eats up most of your battery, even if the phone is on sleep. Auto brightness will ensure that the screen brightness gets adjusted according to the brightness levels of your surroundings.

There are many other tricks and tips to enhance Android experience but for newbies who have just entered into the world of Android, these 5 are the most basic and easiest to follow.

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Related Posts for Blogger With Thumbnail and Label Title

Related posts widget for blogger is a must have widget. This widget shows some related topic posts automatically under every individual post. This is very important to increase pageviews by every visitor. This related post widget also makes thinner the chance to get bounce.

About Related Posts:

As I told above a related posts widget automatically shows some related topic posts under every post and get the attention of readers/visitors on it. Finally increase the pageviews. Now days almost every third party’s premium/free blogger templates have this widget by default. But if you are a using a template from your template option that is provided by Google (blogger) you will miss the advantage of this feature.
And there is also some third party templates too that don't have related posts widget built in for various purpose like, blog loading speed measure.

Features of This Widget:

Below are the main features of this awesome related posts widget for blogger with thumbnail and automatically detected label name. The unique feature is, the widget will show the detected label name automatically top of thumbnail & post title. This is something new.
  • So easy to install.
  • Only shows the most related posts.
  • Shows thumbnail in 2 different style (round style & squire style).
  • Very fast loading.
  • The main feature is, it will show the detected label name automatically.
  • Customizable.
  • Don't show ads to your visitors.
  • Don't show on homepage.

Live demo:

If you want to see the live demo of this awesome widget before set it up on your own blog, then click on the button below.

How To Install:

Below is the one time installation process in details. Follow it
Step 1: Login to your blogger account, select your blog (if you have multiple), then click on Template from blogger main menu.

Step 2: Now click on Edit HTML.

Step 3: Search for </body> in template editor by pressing Ctrl+F.

Step 4: Now copy and paste the below code just above it (</body>).
Step 5: Finally hit the Save Template button. You are done.


This related posts widget have many options to customize & that makes it much user friendly. Lets customize for your own blog.
Widget customizing options available under //CODE OPTIONS in main code.

Thumbnail Style:
var roundImages = false;
This is the default code. And by default the thumbnail will show in squire style change the value false to true to show it in round.

Related Posts Number:
var minimum = 3;
var maximum = 5;
Change the minimum and maximum value 3&5 to set how many related posts to show on your blog.

Thumbnail Size:
var imageSize = 150;
Change the value 150 to change the thumbnail size of this related posts widget.

Widget Title:
var relatedTitleText = "more posts about";
Change the text more posts about with your own title.
var relatedTitle = true;
Change the value true to false to remove widget title.

Label Title:
var labelInTitle = true;
This widget shows posts label name automatically. This is amazing & unique feature but if you want to disable it, change the value true to false.

GP App v1.0 - APK Download for Android

Download the mobile application of Bangladesh’s biggest mobile operator Grameenphone. Today I’m sharing the amazing GrameenPhone (GP) app for your android mobile in apk format with direct download link. You can download the GP app directly so that, you can use it again after any kind of uninstallation process.

Features of GP App:

There are many features in this app like; check prepaid balance or postpaid bill status, data volume and expiry date of internet packages, activate or deactivate different GP services. See the list below & visit Grameenphone VAS page to know more.
  1. Check STAR status
  2. Balance Transfer
  3. Download wallpapers, ringtones, and mobile applications
  4. Check status of current prepaid package and migration
  5. View, add, or change FnF numbers
  6. Activate different Internet packages
  7. Activate/deactivate Missed Call Alerts
  8. Activate/deactivate different Value Added Services
  9. Manage welcome tune service

Data charge condition:

GP App is free to use for all Grameenphone customers. However, data charges will be applicable to download and use the app as per your subscribed internet package.

Download Link:



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Galaxy Mini GT-S5570I Stock Rom Download – 100% Working

Download Samsung Galaxy Mini Plus GT-S5570I Original Firmware. This download package contains original official Gingerbread (2.3.6) version for your Galaxy Mini Plus GT-S5570I / Galaxy Mini Pop. Come back to the original version of your phone from any custom OS (custom rom).

Why this:

Actually I think, I don’t have to explain the necessity of this download package, when you landed here from Google.
It’s a simple matter to brick an Android phone during any kind of software up gradation. Specially when you are trying to install a custom ROM. When I’m writing this post I’m also a galaxy mini plus (gt-s5570i) user.
Few days back I was decided to upgrade my phone OS Gingerbread (2.3.6) to KitKat (4.4.4) with "Cyanogenmod" custom rom.
I was forgotten to take a nandroid backup of my phone, and I installed the custom rom. Everything gone well just my phone was not booting with a SIM card. But without sim card it was fully functional phone with kitkat 4.4.4 OS.

You know its not possible to use a phone without sim card. So I decided to come back on my old Gingerbread version. But without a backup it wasn’t possible and as I told above, I was forgotten to keep the backup. So it was a big problem.
But finally I came out from that problem with the help of xda team and this download package. So now I’m sharing the download/stock rom package for gt-s5570i.

What's In:

Here is the list of what is containing the .zip pack.
  1. Odin3_v1.84.exe
  2. Odin3.ini
  3. DefaultCalDataWithBoot_S5570IXXKL4_REV03.tar.md5
  4. GT-S5570I-MULTI-CSC-OXXKL3.tar.md5
  5. MODEM_S5570IXXKL4_REV03.tar.md5
  6. PDA_S5570IXXKL4_REV03.tar.md5 and
  7. tassve_0623.pit
Note: This download pack may also work for Samsung Galaxy Pop. But I'm not 100% sure when I don't have a Galaxy Pop. But you can try if you wants so.

Download Link:

Stock ROM Download for GT-S5570I

How To Install:

Recently I have posted a post with complete instructions to installing this ROM by considering many request. I've attached screenshot in all steps for better understanding. I hope the post will be helpful to fix your galaxy mini soft brick problem.

To see the installation guide CLICK HERE

Final word:
Friends if you are in same problem as I was then I’m assure that this stock rom will help you out. Actually I gotta go for now. But in my next post I’ll share the complete steps to make your soft brick gt-s5570i phone alive.
Please share this with your friends on social profile to help them out too…

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Bangla Font for Unrooted Android – APK Download

Download Bangla (Bengali) font for android. Bangla font APK apps for android. Install bangla font .apk in Bangla non supported android phone.

About Post:

It's my first post in this blog related to android. In this I'll share a little but essential & important .apk app with you guys. This is a app called "BanglaFont.apk".
Now a days almost all phone supports Bengali language. But still some android user counting days in difficulties. To help them today I'm here. Here is the solution of bangla font error on android device.

Root Requirement:

Are you worried about root requirement of this apps? But I'm telling you, you don't have anything to worry about. This app [BanglaFont.APK] don't require root permission. Gear Up :)

Download BanglaFont.apk

Simply download the bangla font apk app by clicking on the download button below.

How To Enable Bangla Font on Android:

Enabling this banglafont.apk on your android phone is so much easy. Follow the steps below.
  • After downloading the app (banglafont.apk) simply install it.
  • Got to: Settings > Display > Screen Display [OS 2.3] / Display [OS 2.3+] > Font Style > Select BanglaFont
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