3 simple mistake that can destroy blogging career

mistake that can destroy blogging career

Many new blogger fails in their blogging career because they have no experience, less knowledge about blogging and they did mistake and some mistake can be costly that can ruin their effort.today i will tell you about some simple mistake that can destroy blogging career.while starting blogging you have set your plan and aim and you should focus on your plan but many newbie missed these thing like blogger widget seo and other thing that play significant role in building good blog.when you going to start new blog the first thing you do is the selecting blog name and blog title.that should be short and easy to remember this will help to make unique visitors.

Not taking part in conservation

you have to participate in conservation.join other bloggers, social media pages or groups and communicate with them.ask them to join your blog.invite your friends to friends to like your page.share your post on social media.try to reply comments quick it also help to gain visitor trust and if you are not participating in comments conservation then you are sending bad or spammy impression.

Not thinking as visitor

If you are not thinking like user then you may loss lot of visitors.If you are not giving required information to visitor they will exit your blog.give your reader they are looking for.use good navigation menu and widgets because it helps readers to move their cursor to post or category they want .make sure loading time of your blog is less if your blog take too much time loading then visitor will not stay  longer on your blog.do not write long paragraphs If your article is long then use short paragraph and heading which help to gain reader interest in article and  help them in reading.

Not managing time

Time is very important thing and id you have not make schedule or calendar to manage your blog then it can create problem for you.making calendar is very necessary if you are blogging alone.many expert blogger have more than one author and admin to manage blog so they got ease of time.I know it is difficult for one person to manage time to keep your blog up to date, may be you are student and you have study work But it suggest to make time table and follow it with consistently which is important factor in blogging career.

At the End i want to sumerize this post in few lines.If you do not want to mess with mistake then do dnot rush things.Set up your goal. confirm your social media presence so people can find and follow you.add subscribtion option build community.provide quality content to your visitors.Work in silence and let success be your noise

Web Browser Alternative

6 Web Browser Alternative that you Must Know

When asked to name a few web browsers Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Windows Internet Explorer are the browsers that come to the minds of the users. Internet users rely much on the web browsers to access numerous sites. However, in reality, apart from the five mentioned browsers, there are many web browsers that are quite good for surfing the net. The innovation in this stream has stagnated to be honest. While all the 5 browsers are customizable, Firefox and Chrome let the users add or remove extensions, and developers can play with them. Add-ons and extensions are not everyone’s cup of tea. A few users might need more than these, and a few might not know what to do with them.

An insight on a few alternative browsers can help you to know about the other choices available.

1. WhiteHat Aviator

This is the browser for those who are more concerned about privacy. Privacy of all sorts is taken care of by this browser. Most of the times, the threat is that the private companies collect data of the user. This can be any data from your email ID to your credit card details. The major pro of using WhiteHat Aviator is that this web browser blocks all the loopholes of the malicious sites. This way your computer is not infected, and your data is secure. Your computer does not get any ads, and media autoplay is also cut off. Without the permission of the user, no app can be launched. The browser opens in incognito mode by default, and this means when you close the window, the traces are off. The browser makes use of DuckDuckGo, a search engine that again is great if you are concerned about linking the search activity.

2. Coowon

This is a browser for the gamers. Games of all sorts, from Ballistic to Farmville 2 can be enjoyed with this browser. The browser also has features that make it game friendly, like the sidebar that can record the mouse clicks. Toggling between the gamepad keys and the keyboard is made easy with the built in the screen shot. Additionally you can pose to be very seriously into work while you are engrossed in the game. Installing the browser offline is much better compared that of the online installation.

3. Vivaldi

Vivaldi is a Chromium-based browser and is in the second stage of the technical preview. This targets the hardcore browsers, and currently it is a simple and easy to use the browser. However, the browser is taking lots of indications from Opera. In fact, the browser is currently lead by former CEO of Opera. The browser’s built-in mail client is not yet developed completely, but there are a few advantages that are impressive. One of them is that the users can access the favorite sites with the speed dial feature in a very short time, and there is also a note taking an app that is inbuilt.

4. Dooble Browser

Dooble is the open source browser that can function well on multiple platforms. This was launched in September in the year of 2009. The aim of the browser is to offer privacy and usability is a more refined and improved form. Dooble is available for OSX, Windows, and FreeBSD, and the major proof for choosing this browser is that the third-party plugins are supported. Also, there is a built-in download manager and is easy to use

5. Epic Browser

This browser is powered by Mozilla and makes use of multiple sources to offer live Cricket news, films, and songs. The best thing about this browser is that you can safely browse the internet, without letting know anyone what you surf! This cannot be tracked online.

6. SeaMonkey

This is one of the browsers that are around for a decade, and still not much known. This is the best browser for those who surf online hardcore, and this is one stop solution for all browsing needs. This is an integrated package of the email client, browser, RSS, newsgroup, HTML editor, and IRC client. If you are looking for downloading torrents, you can get it as an add-on.

All the above browsers have a host of features that make them unique. As some of them are truly meant for the gamers and some are apt for socialization. Without discarding the major browsers, you can choose these browsers as per your need and make internet surfing easier.
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Easy Android Hacks to Get the Most Out of Your Android

5 Tips and Tricks to get the most out of your Android

Android is the most popular operating system in the world. According to the report published by International Data Corporation (IDC), a whopping 81.5% OS market is captured by Android. This makes Android the market leader in terms of number of users. Most people residing in developing countries like Bangladesh are also buying smartphones. For them, Android phones by local and international vendors offer more value for money. A lot of people are on the lookout for basic tips and tricks to enhance their Android experience. The picture below shows that android tips and tricks is a trending search topic worldwide.

Here are 5 basic tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Android Device:

Install Multipurpose Apps

To get the most out of your Android phone, it is always a wise idea to save up crucial memory space and install apps which are multipurpose. Multipurpose apps can give users all related information in one app. For instance, you can find news from all leading newspapers and magazines on apps like Flipboard. Similarly, you can shop from multiple categories on apps like Kaymu and FlipKart. These apps have all the things in one place and by installing them, you can actually save up a lot of space you would otherwise have to consume by installing individual apps for each function.

Set Limit to Mobile Data Usage

A rookie mistake which a lot of people do is not setting a limit to data usage. By doing this, you may end up consuming more data than you initially planned for, leading to extra charges. Nothing can be more annoying than finding out that all your mobile credit has run out because you failed to keep tabs on the mobile data usage. Another useful tip is to always prefer Wi-Fi over mobile data.

Disable App Notifications

A lot of new android users have to face the annoying notifications which seem to pop up in the notification panel after every few minutes. App developers have designed the apps in a way to ensure that people keep coming back to their apps. Flooding notification panel with notifications is one of the ways they can do this. For all people who hate this annoying feature, you can turn off the notifications. Simply go to settings and under notification section, you can disable notifications of apps you don’t want.

Kill Background Apps and Tasks

One basic reason why android devices seem to get slow or run out of battery fast is the large number of background apps. You may have forgotten to switch off certain apps while other apps have the tendency to keep working even after you have switched them off. You can install a simple widget to kill background tasks and clear up much needed RAM space.

Set Brightness to Auto

The final useful tip is to set brightness to auto. Screen eats up most of your battery, even if the phone is on sleep. Auto brightness will ensure that the screen brightness gets adjusted according to the brightness levels of your surroundings.

There are many other tricks and tips to enhance Android experience but for newbies who have just entered into the world of Android, these 5 are the most basic and easiest to follow.

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How to Change Blogger Blog’s Title & Description

blogger description settingsThis is a simple and short post only for newbies, who are really new on blogger. So you have chosen a blog title during a new blog creation and now want to change that? But you probably don’t know how to do the job. Don’t worry I’ll show you here.

how to change blog title

Why change?

When you first time create a blog its natural that you are not conscious about what are you gonna share and what would be a SEO friendly blog title for your content niche.

But after spending few days on it you earned a little knowledge about all that. And finally you decide to change your blog title.
Blog description is another important thing. This describe your blog to users in short. So today I’ll show you “how to change a blogspot/blogger blog title & description”.

How to change blog title & description:

This is a easy task and you will be done within 2 minutes. Follow the steps below.

Step 1:

Login to your blogger account. Click on Settings > Basic from blogger menu. Now here you’ll find your blog’s title, description, privacy and so many options.

blogger description settings

Step 2:

See the above screenshot for better understanding. After go on Settings > Basic

To change title click on Edit just right side of your current title.

To change description click on Edit just right of your current description and enter your new text in the box.

Step 3:

After changing your exacting title or description hit the Save Changes button and you are done.

blogger title chage save

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Create a Google Plus Page within Minute

In one of my previous post I showed how to create a facebook fan page. Today I’ll show you how to create a google+ (plus) fan page easily. Creating a google plus page is as easy as facebook.

how to create google plus page

In short:

Social network plays a vital role in online business. Facebook is the biggest social networking site, but now days Google+ also a raising social network. Social network is a great way to make a relation between customers & business.
Fanpage took the social engagement one step ahead. By flowing your fan page users/customers easily can be up to date with your business. So fan-page is really important for business.

So keeping the importance of fanpage previous day I was shared how to create a facebook fan page and today I’m gonna share how to create a google plus fan page within one minute.

How to create google+ page:

Step 1:

First go to google plus page creator page by clicking https://plus.google.com/pages/create

Note: You must need to logged in with your gmail/google plus ID.

Step 2:

Now in the “Google My Business” page you’ll find 3 category of page type. Click on one of them. [I clicked on Brand]

choose google plus page categories

Step 3:

Now another page will open with tree options.
  1. Page Name: Enter your desired page name
  2. Website: Enter the website link of your business
  3. Type of Page: Choose the page or business type.
After that tick on accept google policy & then click Create page.

create your google plus page

Yeah! you are done. Now just decorate your page with profile picture, cover photo and so on.

Create Your First Blog on Blogspot for Free

Blogging is amazing! In this post I’ll show you “how to create a free blog” on blogger/blogspot. This post is for those who has a passion about blogging and want to create a new blog of their own.

free blog

Want to create a blog, but don’t have ideas where to start from? Don’t worry today I’ll teach you to create a new blog completely for free. Every person who don’t have fair knowledge about blogging, generally don’t want to invest money on it at beginning. So do you want to create / open a new blog for free?

Hints about blogger:

Blogger is a free weblog publishing tools by Google. You can use blogger completely free of charge. Creating a blog on blogger is also really easy. What it required to create a new blog is a Gmail ID.

In blogger you have full customization access even when it is free. So for every new person blogger.com is a recommendation. When you create a new blog on blogger it comes with a subdomain (blogspot.com). It looks like yourblog.blogspot.com

But of course you have the facility to change the subdomain into a TLD (Top Level Domain). the fact is its not free, you have to buy a top level custom domain (like .com/.net/.info/.org) from any domain registrar company like GoDaddy or Namecheap.

So guys, this was the basic about Google’s free blogger. But I recommend you to read enough about Blogger, content policy and copyright policy.

How to create a free blog:

Step 1:

I assume you have own a Gmail ID, now time to login with your most compatible web browser (firefox/chrome/IE).

After login go to blogger.com

On blogger home page you’ll see that blogger shows you don’t have a blog yet. On left side of this text you’ll find a “New Blog” button. Click on it.

create new blog

Step 2:

After clicking on New Blog a floating window will appear among with three options.
  1. Title: This is your blog title like Blogspot Yard is mine
  2. Address: This is your blog address or URL like blogspot-yard is mine (you don’t need to input blogspot.com). Be sure that your entered URL/Address is available. If it is, you will see a blue tick mark right of your URL.
  3. Template: This is you blog design. Blogger has few ready made template for you just choose one by clicking on it. You can change it later.
When you are done with filling up those three options, click on orange “Create Blog” button.

create a new blog options

Step 3:

You are done & successfully created your first free blog on blogger/blogspot. Now blogger will redirect you to Blogger Dashboard where you can see your blog title.

Now you just have to write your first post on it. Click on the Start Posting option or Pencil button to open the post editor. After writing your content click on Publish button.

start posting


This was the simple and short way to create a new blogger blog for free. I hope you have enjoyed this post to create your new blog. In my next post I’ll understand you with all those options of blogger post editor.
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How to Setup Namecheap Custom Domain with Blogger?

Today in this post I’ll teach you to map namecheap custom domain on blogger/blogspot. Few months back I’ve shared the instruction to setup godaddy domain with blogger. So today I decide to share the way to setup namecheap domain when I’ve got few domains in both company.

mapping namecheap domain with blogger

A little about:

We all know that blogger is a free weblog tool by Google. Creating & using a blog on blogger is completely free of charge. But when you create a new blog on blogger you found the blog URL with a sub domain. eg. yourblog.blogspot.com

Blogspot.com is mandatory for blogger users. Your blog must come with blogspot.com at the end of your blog URL. That looks pretty unprofessional, so if you are serious about blogging and want to remove the sub domain (blogspot.com) from the end of your blog address and want to migrate your address to a desired one with TLD (Top Level Domain).

Then blogger has a options for doing so. But you have to buy a top level custom domain like .net/.com/.info and its not free in the market. You have to count almost 15$ per year for your custom domain.

There are many domain registrar company in the world. But you have to be clever to find out the best one. GoDaddy.com is the world’s largest domain registrar company. Another best one in the world is called Namecheap.
I bought my first domain from namecheap and found the service is really good. Then I’ve got experience with godaddy.com & register.com . And I can say godaddy is also good for domain but I can promise you namecheap will be your best choice.
So guys if you’ve owned a custom domain from namecheap and want to set it on blogger then follow the instruction below.

Mapping namecheap domain:

Step 1:

Login to your blogger and and click on Settings > Basic from blogger menu. Now under publishing section click on “+ Setup a third party URL for your blog”.

blogger publishing option

Step 2:

A new address box will open, input your custom domain in it of course with www and then click on Save button. A error will appear, don’t worry its okay.

blogger custom domain setup

Step 3:

Now login to your namecheap account, go to Domain List and click on your Domain name.

namecheap domain list

Step 4:

On the modify domain option when the details come up of your domain click on “All Host Records” from the left side menu under Host Management.

domain host records

Step 5:

After clicking on All Host Records the DNS settings of your domain will open up. Fill up the options same as screenshot below. Just replace itfun24.com with your own domain. And in the red marked two options copy and paste the unique generated code for blog verification from blogger domain setting error.

namecheap dns settings

Step 6:

After filling up all the required form successfully click on Save Changes.

namecheap save settings

Step 7:

Now head back to blogger and hit the Save button again. If everything gone well you should not see any error this time.

blogger domain save

Step 8:

After successfully saving the domain click on Edit from just right side of your domain address.

custom domain edit

Step 9:

After clicking edit, from custom domain options tick on Redirect yourdomain.com to www.yourdomain.com. And finally hit the orange Save button again. And you are DONE just wait for few hours to DNS changes take effect.

domain redirect settings

Final Word:

By flowing this instructions I hope you have successfully mapped your custom domain with blogger. So you are one step ahead to become a pro. In this post I’ve attached screenshot for all steps to make the things easier for noobs. If yet you have problem setting up custom domain with blogger, contact namecheap live chat support. They are really friendly.

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Thanks in advance, Happy Blogging.